Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time to go home...

Its official now..I leave Vasteras in a month, precisely on the night of 14th June. Gotta catch an early bird flight from Stockholm to Frankfurt and then reach home sweet home by 11.30 PM on 15th.

Loads of work to be done b4 that and gotta celebrate the end on June 1st. After that its all shopping and tying up lose ends.

Cant wait for the days to go by.... :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catch up...

Its more than 2 months since a proper post and a lot has happd since.....

1st off was an awesome and much needed 1 week vacation in Switzerland....
That place is just 2 good...all the scenes u see in movies..they are 100% real..and to experience them is an out of this world feeling...

Check out the above pic depicting the places we covered.....
The mountain tops Jungfrau and Zermatt presented a view for the eyes which cannot be expressed or truly captured in pics.
You could however chek out some pics of these mountains and much more at my picasa link 
Point of interest was the culture of the ppl in Swiss and of course the beauties ;)
The ppl are most friendly and most of them speak 3 languages German, French, and English.
The mix of cultures also shows in the o man are they a treat for the eyes :)

Anyways the 1 week vacation was a mast recharger for us and we came back and started our Theis work in full flow. As part of this...we got to visit Stockholm 5 times in a month and gave us ample time to see the city in a much better light. Also interacting with teams from Ericsson was a big boost for us and we had a great support from them for our experiments. I truly hope I get a chance to work with the same teams..they were working on something that is truly fascinating for me.

By the way I also took an additional course on Innovation, which was an eye opener for me on how Innovation works and how it can be cultivated in an organization. The prof for this course is a very learned and recognized individual. It was an honour to learn and interact from such a distinguished person.

Oh ya...I got thru the course easily..and also to add...all my practical work for the thesis is done.

Now engaged in battling the documentation for the same. Before I forget, we also presented a proposal to Ericsson for a new solution to an existing problem. They were kinda impressed and I am keeping my fingers crossed abt its future outcome.

I also managed to squeeze in time to cover nearly 10 seasons of the Simpsons from 20 to 10 (started the other way round).

Its the finale season on Tv and already Chuck, Heroes have ended. Lost is setup for an explosive end next week and hopefully Smallville also delivers this year as well.

Sad abt Prison Break ending this season. However I am pleased to know that FOX is gonna end it in style and tie up lose ends.

Also new addiction tv shows include HOW I MET YOUR MOM and 30 ROCK (up to date on all the seasons :D)

The best show this season has been FRINGE and boy am I excited to be seeing LEONARD NIMOY in the finale next week. 

And while all this has been happening.....its MAY 2009 now..and that means I only have a month and 10 days to leave Sweden. Lots to do in this time and lots more 2 shop. Wish me all the best for this.

Have to chalk out a list for the folks back home and also restrict the stuff within the weight limits.

Before I forget...the weather has turned upside down and its simple superb outside...clear skies, bright sunshine, blooming trees etc. Its the best time to be in Sweden.

The 1 thing that bugs me is how the Sun is upto 10 PM in the night and thats kinda wierd and disturbs my sleep patterns :P 

Have some good meetings with big shots in the coming week, and I am confident they will end up being beneficial to me ;)

OH YES!! Alien's big news was a total shocker ..... wonder what hes got next under his sleeve?

God willing, I hope to present my thesis on June 2nd in an awesome way. Once I do that, I am free and hope to fly home by June 15th.

Anyways will keep updating frequently this month..... Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long time no post...have loads of things to share...2moro for sure...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 has started off with a lot of work and fun for me.
Been pretty busy with school work, but unexpected oppurtunities have presented themselves, enabling me to travel and have fun.
First up was another visit to Stockholm and the Nobel musuem. That gave me a chance to stock up on some much needed Indian spices and pickles :P
Last week, a last minute offer from a friend to join him on a visit to Amsterdam saw me spending the weekend there, and boy was it fun!
I managed to cover most of the good places in Amsterdam and also a visit to Hague as well to see the world famous Madurodam, miniature city.  has all the snaps from this trip and much more.

Lookin fwd to March for the Swiss trip and of course my B'day right around the corner :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Making sense of a year called 2008 and the future....

Well folks we all made it into 2009!

Its now time to look at 2008 and be thankful to its outcomes.

2008 was a year in which I cut some good friendships made in 2007, renewed some very old and unexpected ones, solidified the remaining good ones, and made brand new friends in odd ways.

Work and ppl associated with it were the best a guy cud ask for. And out of nowhere an old dream was given a chance to be made into reality and I grabbed it.

In the latter part of the year, I made it to Sweden. New pals from TCS continue to cheer me up here.

Sadly one dear friend, Pradyumna Garimella passed away (RIP), shockingly reminding us of our own mortality.

The one thing I never imagined myself doing, COOKING, became a reality and am now an entry level, hunger satisfying veggie cook :) . Gotta learn more this year.

So enuf of 2008, lookin fwd to 2009 now.

2009 marks 15 years of friendship with my dear old school buddies and being a Hydbadi! :)
Miss all the fun back home with the gang.

I know some things that are gonna be good in 2009, but heres hoping that the other unknown things turn out even better :)

Cheers everybody and have a blast this year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Confusion+ Anxiety+Boredom=Swiss Trip 2009

Strange things happen in a timespan of 1 hour.

1 moment u are discussing plans to see the Swiss scenic beauty, the next u are checking out good ticket prices, and then u realise the prices are increasing every minute. So what do u do? you call a meeting with ur pals, tell them the situation, go ahead and book ur tickets. 

Thats what happened 2day with me and my colleagues here.  So whats the problem in that?

Well it so happens that we have tickets to go and come back, but no further plan in Swiss. This means that further costs, sights to see and etc have not been fully accounted for. 

Checking all these later on reveals that some of us are not gonna be comfortable with the expenses. Its true, its way more than what was initially projected.

Anyways, I have made up my mind to have a great week in March what ever be the cost.

To quote STAR TREK, I am gonna be "boldly going where none of my friends have gone before!"

More info on related developments soon :)


Saturday, December 6, 2008

What is the identification of love ?

I have a wide range of favorite movies, from Clint Eastwood's Dollar Trilogy to The Matrix, all fallin under diff categories. However I do have a special soft corner for Namaste London.
The movie allowed me to get in touch with a special emotion, that not all movies can project.

One particular scene, even though I didnt understand it for a long time, is awesome.

And the translated dialogue is :
ishq de meree mitra pehchaan kee 
mit javay jadoon zid apnan dee

Hindi Version: (As said by Katrina)
Sachhe Pyar Ka Matlab, Usse Haasil Karna Nahin Hota 

English Version: 
What is the identification of love ?
When you are no longer obsessed with the feeling to possess it.

The bottom line is I discovered this gem of a movie, after I understood what that emotion feels like and I lost it................

Discover it if u havent,and if u have, experience it all over again.